Portable Toilets & Hand-Sanitizing Stations

Give your event guests or construction crew one less thing to worry about at JJ’s Rental in Mission, Texas. Our portable toilets and hand-sanitizing stations are competitively priced without compromising service and cleanliness. We utilize the latest in deodorant chemicals to keep our units smelling fresh and clean.

Portable Toilets
Our portable sanitation units are available for short-term or long-term rentals, special events, or construction sites. Our large inventory allows us to provide you with neat, clean, graffiti-free Poly-Portable™ units.

Portable toilets help keep construction sites efficient and sanitary. Our construction customers will be happy to know that we provide clean, sturdy, and robust units that are best-suited for the harsh environments present on construction sites.

Portable Restrooms for Event Use
Make things more convenient for your guests with our portable restrooms. Our basic portable restroom comes in green, blue, or pink. Our portable restroom/hand sanitizer combination includes a hand-sanitizing dispenser filled with hand-sanitizing liquid. For greater accessibility and comfort for your guests, try our handicapped portable restroom.

A space of 5’ x 8’ is required when placing restrooms in a gated or covered area and restrooms cannot be carried or transported over large or tall objects. The total price for each restroom includes two rolls of toilet paper, delivery, and pickup.

For long-term rentals, we service the toilets once a week, which includes adding toilet paper, cleaning and disposal of waste, cleaning and sanitizing the stall, and adding new chemicals. Prices on portable restrooms vary depending on location.

Washing & Sanitizing Stations
Your guests will thank you for being such a conscientious host when you provide hand-washing stations at your next event. To accompany our sanitation units, we also offer dual hand-washing stations or dual hand-sanitizing stations to keep your guests' hands clean while they eat or do other activities. Foot pump operated and equipped with hand soap and towels, our units are simple and ready to use.

Hand-Washing Station
Rest assured that your site will stay clean and sanitary with our hand-washing station. Our double-sink hand-washing station includes:

• Two Sinks with a Foot Pump • Paper Napkins • Liquid Hand Soap

Hand-Sanitizing Station
Staying clean on the go has never been easier. Our double pump hand-sanitizing dispenser kit includes two hand-sanitizing dispensers, complete with hand-sanitizing liquid.

Contact us to keep your event or construction site safe and sanitary with our portable toilets.